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    We welcome all of you to the garden of knowledge.
  • J.N. International School
    We exist to impart quality education by providing a positive learning atmosphere.
  • J.N. International School
    Our vision is to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment.
  • J.N. International School
    The faculty at J.N. International School is highly trained, experienced and efficient.
  • J.N. International School
    We develop the student qualities of integrity, honesty and compassion.


The school has a specious play ground and has facilities for Athletics. Regular coaching is impasted in games during the activity period.

Health Care

School is promised to maintain the good health of children and adolescents by working with parents and health professionals programs at schools.


The entire campus is fenced and is always under the surveillance of CCTV camera for better security. Fire and safety devices etc. are also provided.
Welcome to JN International School


Ever since its establishment in 2008, J.N. International School, Saide Ke Mohan, Distt. Ferozepur has been striving hard to impart holistic education, an education that has been the dream of Parents and educationists, of great statesmen and social reformers. J.N. International School provides an invigorating and competitive atmosphere by excellent facilities, ample opportunities and maximum exposure to the children through carefully crafted co-Curricular activities, games and sports, personal care and comprehensive academic monitoring to inspire the children to perform to the Zenith of their potential. The curriculum is designed so as to encourage the students to develop skills of reasoning, problem solving and creative thinking.

The classrooms are provided with ample natural and artificial lighting. The classrooms are provided with well designed furniture, a combination of green and white boards, display boards, teaching aid displays and LCD projection equipments, which facilitate the learning Process, RO water purifier systems and 24hours uninterrupted power supply through silent genets is also ensured.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide wide range of holistic education to the budding youth, to create need based work force for academic, industry, business and management .JNIS in such a short span has become a very reputed institution with such manifold distinctions that its towering height stands unique among other educational institutions of the region.

Our Facilities

JNIS has all the facilities of a modern, well equipped school. Students are encouraged he includes themselves in various curricular and co-curricular activities to build up well framed personality. Students are motivated to form various activity clubs according to their interest.

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